Peaceforce Christian Academy

Upper Level

Upper Level is our high school level [Grade 9 - Grade 12].  Beginning at 9th grade, a student is assigned an Academic Projection for Graduation. The student will work towards a General, College Prep or Honors Course of Study. Example of courses available are; Geometry, Algebra 2, English I - IV, Chemistry I, Physics, US Civics, Economics and much more. College level courses are also available for students who qualify for advance classes. Dual Enrollment is also available through Valencia Community College for all high school students who qualify.

Our Upper Level students participate in Physical Education once a week; where they learn Dance Technique, Team Sports, Physical Fitness, etc. They are given an orientation on the different scholarships available in Florida and are prepared to take the SAT and ACT.  Upper Level electives consists of Business, Fine Arts, Music, Health, Spanish, French and more. Our students also participate in the on-line Florida Virtual School program.