Peaceforce Christian Academy

Admission Process

1. Contact the school office to schedule an appointment for a family interview. We expect both parents and students to attend.

2. At this meeting, the parent must submit the student’s latest report card and/or transcripts and any academic test results.  [If applicable, please bring  previous School Withdrawal Form].   During this time the family will be given a tour of the academy. Then a summary of our expectations, values and academic program will be explained and we will answer any questions the parents  or students may have.

3. After the interview,  with prayerful and serious consideration, our academic board will determine if we can meet the needs of your family.

4.Once accepted into the academy, the parent must complete the Registration  Packet and  return it to the school office for processing.

5. When the Registration Packet is processed and all fees are paid, a Diagnostic Test will be scheduled for the student.
6. The parent will be contacted to discuss the test result and the student will begin the course of study.


501 Wilmer Avenue
Orlando, FL 32808